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What can I expect to learn?

You will learn everything there is to know about the ups and downs of wedding and event planning. Every detail that goes into many different events,  how to mitigate problems, and how to handle the toughest of disasters. This includes event design, floral design, as well as the marketing and business management required to become a reputable wedding and event planner and build your business from the ground up. 

Why should I choose a career in wedding and special event planning?

Because it’s what you love to do.

Being a wedding and special event planner is being involved in an ever-changing industry full of challenges, triumphs, and excitement. As a wedding and event planner, you are always learning how to solve new problems.

You will feel the most gratitude and success when you see the smile on your clients’ faces. When you deliver the wedding or event they’ve always dreamed of by applying your passion and creativity to your craft, that is the most rewarding feeling ever!

And it is lucrative. Wedding and event planning can compensate you generously once you build your clientele and gain experience.

Will I gain experience making contacts?

The instructors of REAL have been in the wedding and event planning industry for over four decades combined. The instructors will guide you on the proper etiquette on making, and securing relationships with both clients and vendors. In this process, you will get the chance to connect with people who the REAL instructors have worked with, in order to translate these skills to make your own connections.

Will I get help securing a volunteer position?

Yes. REAL will guide you on how to apply for jobs and volunteer positions to really get your foot in the door

Where can I work after I achieve this Certificate? 

The possibilities are ENDLESS. When you receive a certificate stating that you have learned the skills of a wedding and event planner, many opportunities will open up. You can begin your own business and begin reaching out to clients, you can apply to major companies to plan corporate events, you can work with event centers and banquet halls to plan weddings and grand events. You will also have the skills necessary to apply to project management jobs with large organizations. Once you take inventory of the skills you learned with REAL, you will be surprised by how many more job descriptions you will be better aligned within in almost any industry.